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rodeo bull with soft head
7 January

rodeo bull with soft head

Our latest thing is the rodeo bull Soft Foam Safety Head for are Rodeo Bull.This soft head bull is made from Sofolex A soft foam material which is coated in a hard wearing flexible poly skin. This new safety innovation on our rodeo bull totally totally totally eradicate the potential of all impact injuries and much more.We are the only ones with one in liverpool.So book your bull with the best as we think about you not just the money.

Are Soft Foam Safety Head for are mechanical rodeo bull is moulded in a realistic design and has integral LED flashing eyes.

The horns are also made from Sofolex aswell,inside a vinyl sleeve that is removable if needed which is great,We are the only company to offer this feature. This means the horns ar extremely durable so no more phone calls for me ordering new horns because they have been ripped or torn off by a rider.

We are the only company in liverpool that can offer the rodeo bull Soft Foam Safety Head,We no of other rodeo bull companies have tryed to copied us but failed to deliver the same rodeo bull soft head quality we have on are rodeo bull.Make sure that your rodeo Bull has a true Soft Foam Safety Head like (ours) if you have book with any one else,And it not one that has a hollow moulded plastic head that will not prevent impact injuries if you are hit by the head of the rodeo bull.

See if you can pinch and squeeze your rodeo bull soft head?If the answer is no,then it isnít a Soft Foam Safety Head made like ours below (see photo).


The Soft Foam Safety Head for mechanical rodeo bull is moulded in a great design and has integral LED flashing eyes which looks great in the dark.With are rodeo bull the Soft Foam Safety Head is be bolted to the main body,with this it allows us to interchange different heads that are available on the market.Including our rodeo bull soft head which is the best out there.

The horns are also made from soft foam and are DETACHABLE,We are the only company to offer this feature on are rodeo bull.No more phone calls to say my horns are ripped,or have been torn off,now that great news for me.

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